Software for offline analysis of data recorded with Multiwell-Screen or Cardio2D. Optimized tool sets for cardiac or neuronal experiments and report generation.

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Analyzing the Data Offline

With import options for Multiwell-Screen and Cardio2D data, powerful analysis tools specialized for both cardiac and neuronal data and many optimizations for fast data access and analysis, the Multiwell-Analyzer is the ideal tool for offline analysis of your recorded data.

After the analysis is done, generate a PDF report with a single click, or export all analysis results in CSV or XLSX format for import in Excel or other software.

Data Import

The Multiwell-Analyzer imports data from Multiwell-Screen recordings and Cardio2D 6- or 9-well MEA recordings. Its import dialog provides a full overview over all recordings in great detail, with multiple filtering and sorting options, based on e.g. Lab Book entries, compounds, or cell types.

Measuring multiple replications of the same experimental condition? Simply merge them together and get common dose-response curves, reports and exported files.

Data import dialog

Convenient Data Access

In experiments with tens or hundreds of wells, identifying cultures with interesting behavior that warrant a closer look can be quite a challenge. The Multiwell-Analyzer provides several visualizations to identify such patterns in a convenient manner:

The dose-response display aggregates analysis results for all wells in the experiment. In its “Mean + Scatter” Display Style, deviant wells are easily spotted, and their behavior can be investigated with a single click.

Define criteria for active channels and wells, such as minimum spike rates or amplitudes, then use the red/green highlighting in Experiment View to selectively target wells based on these criteria. Explore different experiment phases to see how these activity patterns change depending on the experiment state.

If your interest lies in short-term activity patterns within a single recording, such as arrhythmia or bursting behavior, use the long-term display in the Raw Data Explorer to spot and navigate to the time windows of interest. The recorded raw data, together with the analysis results, is accessible in every detail. Due to optimized data loading, navigation through the raw data is seamless and fast, even for very large recordings.

Offline Analysis

Post-processing your data with the Multiwell-Analyzer is the ideal way to make the most out of your recordings: The flexibility of the specialized analysis algorithms for cardiac and neuronal data together with the possibility to define time regions of interest and apply spectral filters gives you the freedom to tailor the analysis to the signals in each individual well. The built-in smart execution algorithm makes sure that all analyses are executed as fast as possible in optimal order, reducing the analysis time to a minimum.

After each analysis, dose-response curves are automatically computed for more than 15 different parameters, for both raw and normalized data. Criteria for the channels used as input for these calculations can be precisely specified with the channel selection tool, ensuring that these curves give you an exact representation of the changes occurring across your experimental conditions.

More information can be found on the pages for:

Cardiac analysis

Neuronal analysis

Reporting and Exports

Once the analysis is finished to your satisfaction, the Multiwell-Analyzer allows you to create a customized PDF report detailing the results with a single mouse click.

Sample Report Neuro
Sample Report Cardio
Example page with dose-response-curves
Example page with averages

Exporting the data and the analysis results from the Multiwell-Analyzer to other software is easy: The contents of each display can be saved as an image or exported as a .csv text file. The built-in export tool makes it possible to export all analysis results to .csv files, while giving you the freedom to select the channels and the parameters to export.

Export dialog with selectable parameters

The recorded raw data and the extracted data segments, such as spike cutouts or averaged cardiac action potentials, can be converted to multiple file formats by the Multi Channel DataManager. These converted files can then be imported into many 3rd party programs.

Want To Do a Test Drive?

Multiwell-Analyzer is free to use. Check it out using our demo data.