High throughput in vitro electrophysiology for screening experiments


Drug Discovery or Safety Pharmacology Screening Experiments

Multiwell-MEA plates permit cost effective screening of substances or cell types. Suitable for cardiac or neuronal primary or stem cells.


High throughput MEA solution for extracellular recording and stimulation


Fast and easy-to-use drug and cell screening

Built on more than 20 years of microelectrode array experience, the Multiwell-MEA-System leads in low-cost, high throughput in vitro electrophysiology.

Multiwell-MEA Plates

24 and 96 well plates with optional glass substrate for visual control

Microelectrode arrays built into standard well plate format seamlessly integrates with your existing screening approach. The non-invasive extracellular MEA technology facilitates culturing and measuring the same cells over long time periods.


Optimized tools for cardiac or neuronal research

Multiwell-MEA Software Kit

Automate your data recording and analysis

Included in the kit are two software tools. Use the online tool Multiwell-Screen to set up your experiment and record your data, and the offline tool Multiwell-Analyzer to review recorded data and generate dose-response curves. Specialized algorithms for cardiac and neuronal data are incorporated in the software.

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