Cardiac Analysis

Specialized tools for heartbeat detection, field potentials, 2D conduction velocity, and automated dose-response curves.

The cardiac analysis tools integrated into Multiwell-Screen and the Multiwell-Analyzer are ideally suited for working with cardiac cell signals. They compute multiple measures for the cell activity, such as beating rate, field potential durations and beat conduction velocity with automatic dose-response curve calculation and offer multiple export options for the analysis results. Thanks to the flexibility of the detection algorithms, they can be tailored to the signals in each well individually.


The heartbeat detector identifies the first component of the field action potential, the rapid negative slope that represents the fast Na+ current and extracts its amplitudes as well as the maximum slope.

The time interval between these sodium peaks, referred to as the “RR interval”, is extracted as an indicator for arrhythmic beating of the cells.

Example of RR interval arrhythmia

The field potential duration, often referred to as the “QT interval”, and its drug-dependent prolongation is a highly relevant indicator for Torsades de Pointes arrhythmia. The built-in QT detector extracts this measure automatically from averaged action potentials and the Multiwell-Analyzer provides an intuitive interface for a manual intervention into this process, if necessary.

Example of T-wave detection

By taking the beat times of all channels in a well into account, the software performs a 2D analysis of the propagation of beats across the cell culture, resulting in a measure for the conduction velocity and 2D color maps representing the propagation latency of each beat.

Plate Overviews

The Multiwell Selection Display in the Multiwell-Screen software visualizes the activity in each well during the experiment to give you an impression of the activity of each culture and to allow you to easily spot inactive wells or those with irregular behavior. You may choose between a visualization of the average action potential or the 2D color maps of beat propagation over the culture.

Well plate overview with averages or latency maps