The Multiwell-MEA-System is designed to run simple, standardized experiments with high throughput, and analyze all replicates in one go. The Multiwell-MEAs are best suited for neuronal or cardiac cells, either primary or derived from stem cells.

Substance Screening

The main focus of the system is substance screening. Dose response curves for single or multiple compounds are managed and automatically documented by our Multiwell-Screen software. Different concentrations can be applied cumulatively to a single well, or individually to a number of wells. Preliminary result reports for each experiment are generated at the end of each experiment and saved together with the data. See the Software section for more details about the analysis parameters.

Experiment setup dialog with multiple compounds

Cell Type Screening

Instead of applying new compounds to established cells, it’s also possible to screen new or modified cell types for their spontaneous activity or reaction to established substances. The flexible experiment layout enables experiments with multiple cells types and multiple substances on one plate.

Electrical or Optical Stimulation

Stimulation capability is included as standard in the Multiwell-MEA-System. Electrical stimulation in any well can be easily incorporated into the experimental protocol. For optical stimulation, an optional accessory is required, but the Multiwell-Screen software comes prepared to control and integrate it into the experimental workflow.

Optical stimulator for 24 or 96 wells

Combined Approaches with MEA Technology

By having a standard interface board for multiple headstage options, MCS gives researchers an opportunity to cost effectively utilize both the Multiwell-MEA-System as well as the regular single well MEA2100-System. This combination offers the advantage of both approaches; high channel counts per well and experimental flexibility on the single well arrays with the possibility to scale up established assays directly to the multiwell format.

Multiboot IFB can be used with MEA2100 headstage or Multiwell-MEA headstage

Application Notes and Culturing Protocols

Together with our partners, we have gathered helpful tips and culturing protocols for MEA electrophysiology which can be used with Multiwell-MEA plates. Please visit our download section.