Pipettor Atmosphere Lid

Pipettor Atmosphere Lid for 24-well or 96-well SBS/SLAS/ANSI Conformant Multiwell (MEA) Plates


The PAL “Pipettor Atmosphere Lid” is a helpfull tool to maintain physiological conditions in a 24- or 96-well plate. It helps to keep humidity in each well constant, and allows to superfuse pre-mixed, tempered, and moistened gas across the multiwell plate. With that, salinity and pH value are kept constant at physiological conditions for longer experimental runs.

Perspective – Pipettor Atmosphere Lid

A star-slitted foil is penetrated by the pipette tip during compound application into the wells, and fully reseals after the retraction of the pipette tip to maintain humidity and salinity in each well. With this helpful accessory, long term recordings are doable within the pipettor — under perfect physiological conditions.

The “Pipettor Atmosphere Lid” converts the 24- or 96-well plate in a kind of climate chamber for Multiwell-MEA-Systems handled together with the MEA Xpress robot. Via 6-channel gas outlet you can create, for example, carbogen or if mixed before a 5 % CO2 atmosphere (humid or non-humid) around the biological probe in each well.

Featuring 24- and 96-well plates with up to 288 electrodes, the Multiwell-MEA-System in combination with the MEA-Xpress robot is the perfect tool for medium and high throughput electrophysiology. Integrated heating as well as a connection to CO2 supply enable full climate control of the recording chamber.

Animated Graphics of PAL24, Modular Setup: PAL Lid, Foil and Multiwell Plate
Animated Graphics of PAL96, Modular Setup: PAL Lid, Foil and Multiwell Plate