Multiwell Electrophysiology with Automated Liquid Handling


  • Completely automated experiments without user interference
  • Automated dilution series preparation, compound application, and electrophysiological recordings for 24- and 96-well plates
  • Undisturbed environmental control
  • Ease of use: Electrophysiological recording and liquid handling in one powerful software

Main Features

The MEA Xpress: the complete solution for multiwell microelectrode array (MEA) recordings and automated liquid handling.

  • Automates dilution series preparation
  • Houses the multiwell plate with your samples
  • Automates compound application
  • Records electrophysiological data from 288 channels; for cardiac and neuronal samples and compound screening
  • Delivers data files with electrophysiological data and meta information ready for analysis in the Multiwell-Analyzer
Flexibility with two parallel pipette mounts
Top view of base plate with 7 freely assignable slots for reagent reservoirs and compound plates

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  • Completely automatic experiment: Walk away from the bench and let MEA Xpress do the work.
  • Use pre-defined pipetting scripts or customize your own
  • Fast drug application: Fills 96-well plate within 20 seconds
  • Two pipette mounts (any combination of single- and 8-channel pipettes): Flexibility for pipetting from various reagent reservoirs and plates
  • Complete experiment can be set up in advance, no user-interference needed during experiment: 7 freely assignable slots for storage of pipette racks, stock solutions, medium & washing solutions or compound plates
  • Smooth, quiet movement for recording with Multiwell-MEA-System: Noise free electrophysiological recordings
  • Highest accuracy for your data: Multiwell-MEA-System offers up to 50 kHz sampling rate
  • Atmosphere lid: Keeps physiological conditions in wells consistent
  • Various plate types for your sample available (all SBS-compliant): Solution for cardiac and neuronal samples, medium or high throughput
  • Tools for liquid handling and MEA recording in one powerful software: Complete data set available for analysis
  • Multiwell-MEA-System and liquid handling robot can be utilized separately as stand-alone systems

Technical specifications

Pipetting Robot

Dimensions (W x D x H)

63 x 57 x 66 cm


40 kg


1 – 1000 μl (1 channel)
1 – 300 μl (8 channel)

Number of pipette mounts

2 (for any combination of 1- and 8-channel pipettes)


Fills a 96-well plate in 20 seconds


1 μL~15%


1 μL~5%


Pre-defined or customizable (open-source)


Data resolution

24 bit

Number of recording channels



adjustable, max. DC to 10 kHz

Data converter and USB interface

Control interface

USB 3.0

Sampling rate per channel

up to 50 kHz